How It Works

HPCD Labs combines data with AI to improve how data is sent to the cloud.

Built for Security, Speed & Simplicity

Lowering costs without impacting performance.
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API Integration
We use minimal access to the permissions needed for this access. We can use IAM Roles to access AWS, Limited Access Roles to access Azure or Service Accounts for GCP.
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United Dashboard
Data about workload and cloud resources usage with billing information in one window. All cloud accounts spendings can be shown together.
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Extreme Security
Information from IT infrastructure is sensitive and we care about your data. We created system which can be deployed in your cloud infrastructure. We will have not access.

Simple Technology Stack

For the correct operation of such a powerful platform as the SaaS App, several tools are used that have already proven themselves to be among the best in the field of engineering. Thanks to the complete set, in which Docker, Ruby on Rails, Redis, TimescaleDB, Golang, etc., it is possible to process incredible data arrays and at the same time do it simply, clearly and accurately.
At HPCD Lab you can create your own schedule, linking it to either the tags, VMs, regions or the whole cloud account.
Providers The HPCD Lab Integrates
Providers The HPCD Lab Integrates
Billing Info from One Place
Clear and timely delivery of a consolidated invoice for all accounts connected to the HPCD Lab.
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Start/Stop Scheduler
At HPCD Lab you can create your own schedule, linking it to either the tags, VMs, regions or the whole cloud account.
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Cost Saving
HPCD Lab will provide accurate analytics on the use of cloud space, and, in the case of discrepancies, will present its recommendations for resources optimizing.
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HPCD Lab system provides not only the characteristics of all possible cloud providers but also information on all available prepaid packages. It recognizes the threshold of workload and gives recommendations for downgrading.
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Easy Installing and Setup
For correct operation of the HPCD Lab service, no required installation of additional components. The system synchronizes and starts working itself.
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