Our Story

In 2018, the Founder and CEO participated in Hackaton where the idea to build the SaaS platform for cloud providers took root. Having worked with programmers before, it was no hard task to build a team of experts who believed in the idea.

Within three months, they had created the platform that worked. Having it trialed with many partners proved that it was a platform that gave instant saving through in-depth visibility of IT, security and cloud usage.

We knew there had to be a better way—so we started HPCD. We combined machine learning, SaaS, with sophisticated financial optimisation algorithms to give you fully autonomous cloud optimisation platform. Simply put, we do the automation and you get the savings. We want your business to prosper in cloud—not only by saving you money as well as giving you time to focus on important things.

Betatron Accelerator HK aided HPCD to accelerate in Hong Kong where now HPCD is a privately-owned corporation headquartered in Hong Kong

The Founder and CEO, Ruslan Dautov, is a computer scientist who has worked on research papers entailing big data whilst his partner is an academic and research scientist. The developers are a group of experts who have worked on vast projects worldwide either directly with the company or indirectly as contractors.

Since then HPCD has helped various customers with guaranteed savings on cloud cost - from optimising, financial simulation, security, and instant result.

HPCD Lab: High Performance Code & Data

The High Performance Code and Data Lab has one laser goal: to provide the best tools for optimising the use of cloud computing.

With the growth of the cloud market, a simplified SaaS application has been created that anyone can use the platform to solve the most significant cloud computing problem - cost savings.

HPCD Lab does this by maintaining security, having one of the most straightforward adaptation processes that give a holistic view of infrastructure and cost.

Growing a company that helps others save resources is the primary mission that HPCD pursues incessantly.

Created by Big Data Specialists

HPCD is a team of engineers who are passionate about the efficiency of cloud infrastructure and its usage

Founder and CEO Ruslan Dautov is a computer scientist who worked on research using big data, his partner Dr. Mark Li is a scientist and research assistant. Developers are a group of experts who have worked on extensive projects around the world, either directly with the company or indirectly as contractors.

Gathering and rallying together HPCD helps various customers with guaranteed savings on cloud costs. Maintaining and enhancing safety, stability, and productivity are the basic principles for the work of each employee and the company as a whole.

The Founders
Ruslan Dautov
Founder & CEO
Dr. Mark Li
R&D Scientist
Our Team
Ruslan Dautov
Founder & CEO
Dr. Mark Li
R&D Scientist
Oleksandr Simonov
CTO - High-Load Witcher
Andrii Boreiko
Fullstack Developer - Ruby Ninja
Hleb Kavraskiy
Full stack developer - Vue.js Assassin
Maksym Drobot
Full stack developer - Photoshop Guru
Andrii Datsenko
Back end developer - Database Evangelist
Nataliya Vdovycheko
Project manager - Scrum Advocate