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What you can do with our Cloud Management Platform
HPCD presents a cross-account dashboard of the entire cloud infrastructure spending rather than multi-page invoices. By optimising and automating, our platform will immediately increase operational efficiencies saving time and money.
Based on the algorithms, HPCD can leverage infrastructure usage, decrease the cloud cost whilst guaranteeing the performance quality. HPCD itself accumulates costs from different platforms therefore, the client is always aware of its costs for all used clouds. At HPCD Lab you can create your own schedule, linking it to either the tags, VMs, regions or the whole cloud account.
We require only one-time user setup, after which the application will run automatically according to the established rules which can be changed anytime. HPCD supports automatic shutdown of the infrastructure, therefore, companies will start saving from day one.
HPCD maintains security, having one of the most accessible adaptation processes that give a holistic view of infrastructure and cost savings. HPCD does not request installation on a personal computer and most importantly, does not access personal cloud data for security purposes.
Integrate your Cloud Infrastructure in one Place

HPCD Lab saves time and money by working with different cloud providers including Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, etc. You can connect all the cloud servers to the SaaS platform simultaneously and through a single glass pane, you receive all the critical data instantly. This saves human as well as financial capital as services are optimised to the needs of the infrastructure and services.

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Our Story

In 2018, the founder and CEO Ruslan Dautov took part in Hackaton, where the idea of ​​creating a Saas platform for cloud providers was born. Working with engineers before, it was not difficult to create a team of experts who believed in the idea.

Our working platform was created within three months. Testing with many partners has proven that it provides instant savings, thanks to the deep visibility of IT, security, and the use of the cloud.

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Simple Technology Stack

For the correct operation of such a powerful platform as the SaaS App, several tools are used that have already proven themselves to be among the best in the field of engineering. Thanks to the complete set, in which Docker, Ruby on Rails, Redis, TimescaleDB, Golang, etc., it is possible to process incredible data arrays and at the same time do it simply, clearly and accurately.

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